PermaLink And then there was a wedding05/15/2008 11:14 AM
Just about this time tomorrow, I'll be getting married.  Some of you will be there, the rest of you will just have to look at the pictures, I guess.

This week has been an interesting exercise in setting dynamic priorities. When you have only two people doing everything, when weather interferes, and when you run out of time and energy along the way, stuff that seemed vitally important in the wedding process two weeks ago now just sort of falls by the wayside and you focus on what's really important. Thus, cleaning the upholstery displaces painting the porch, washing the car surpasses trimming the apple trees, and convincing the cats to actually poop in the catbox rather than next to it takes on a greater urgency than power-washing the patio that might not get used anyway.

Just about everything is in place, actually. Relatives and friends are already on their way here, Nora picked up her dress yesterday, we went shopping for an insane amount of food last night, and I am worried I'll run out of vacuum cleaner bags. But one way or another, this is all going to take place. It just might be more of an adventure than we originally thought. Strange boxes have been arriving at the house all week... a gift from my stepmother, a gift from a friend of Nora's some mystery thing from a friend of mine.

There's another, smaller box in the house now, too. We got Mary's ashes back yesterday, in a very elegant little wood box with a small brass plate on it. I guess it sort of reinforces the fact she's gone. We spent a little time looking at old pictures of her and the other cats, and it was amazing how large she really used to be, a great white cow of a being, whacking other cats around for no particular reason. Toward the end there was nearly nothing of her left, and so her ashes fit in a very small space.

For those of you not attending, there'll be pictures up on my Flickr account as time permits tomorrow. Thanks be to Apple Mac OSX and the Flickr Uploadr... we thought about doing a webcam at some point but really have no way to hook it into the Domino server and through the firewall, so I guess pictures and whatever short video clips we put up on YouTube will have to do it. It won't be a complete media frenzy, but it will be well-documented. And later on, at the celebration at the house there will be all sorts of amusing stuff, no doubt.

Wish you all were there, but, well, we don't have chairs enough for everybody out there.

In other news, I discovered that yes, it's possible to work pretty effectively with Windows XP without having explorer.exe running. I sort of discovered this accidentally... last night before I left I did some registry cleanup and removed a bunch of software I don't use, and this morning when I fired up the machine, a Visual C++ runtime error occurred:

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information."

Now, think about how stupid this error message is. Who the hell would write an app that basically says, "hey, C++ Runtime! Kill me in a really weird way, would you? I really want you to!"

I am also curious what, exactly, constitutes "unusual." What, the C++ Runtime took explorer.exe out in the street and dropped a piano on its head?

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1. chuck dean05/17/2008 06:03:30 PM


Wish you the best of luck and many wonderful years together.

- chuck -

2. Turtle05/16/2008 01:42:43 AM

Thanks, everybody. Right now we're just worn out, having cleaned things in the house that haven't been cleaned in five years. But it's now fit for celebrants, so onward we go. I'll be posting images to Flickr and video to YouTube, and providing links as needed...

Turtle and Nora

3. Ray J Bilyk05/15/2008 10:32:20 PM

Run, dammit, run!
OUCH! Sorry, dear... Yes, dear... I love you, dear...

Seriously, congratulations my friend! My wife (who has become a BIG fan of yours... kinda creepy actually) and I wish you both all the best!

4. Dan Soares05/15/2008 10:11:42 PM


Wishing you and Nora the best! Drop me a line when the festivities are over and you two have settled down.

I still owe you a home cooked Indian meal in VA :)


5. Keith Brooks05/15/2008 09:57:47 PM

Party On and Congrats to you both!

6. Bill Malchisky05/15/2008 05:31:49 PM

Congratulations, Turtle! The day you've long awaited has arrived. Best of luck to you and Mrs. Turtle in your life together. :) What fun! Ciao.

7. Matt White05/15/2008 05:31:27 PM

Good luck tomorrow. Enjoy the day.


8. Gregg Eldred05/15/2008 02:17:21 PM

Congratulations! May you and Nora have a long and happy life together.

9. Theo Heselmans05/15/2008 01:27:29 PM

Congrats man. Enjoy your (plural) day tomorrow.

10. Wild Bill05/15/2008 01:17:04 PM

Heey - good luck tomorrow. And enjoy it.

---* Bill

11. Andy Donaldson05/15/2008 01:03:05 PM

Many happy years and best wishes to both of you!

12. Don McNally05/15/2008 01:01:10 PM

Best wishes to both of you!

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