PermaLink The seasons change, XP still sucks05/21/2008 01:41 PM
For all the talk of how awful Vista is, and how people are wistfully thinking back to the glory days of good old reliable XP, let me tell you:  XP still sucks, too.

Windows has had a particular hallmark for more than 20 years now. Regardless of what you do, what you run, how you maintain it, or how you try to protect it, Windows insists on being reinstalled at least once a year whether you think it needs it or not.

This HP at work has jumped the gun a bit, since it's barely nine months old, but XP has indeed pooped in its own oatmeal badly enough that the only recourse is a full reinstall. By some means or another, something got farked up such that explorer.exe -- the Windows Explorer, not Internet Explorer -- refuses to start, as does anything that depends on explorer.exe to do anything. It blows out with the error I mentioned the other day, about unusual termination and the Visual C++ Runtime.

Nothing we've done has been able to cure it. Not a visit to the Recovery Console (which I can't use due to a known bug on machines that have been configured in bulk with a centralized system configuration tool provided by Microsoft itself), not a Repair install from the original CD. I won't do a complete reinstall. Fark it.

So, they're imaging up a whole new machine for me and taking this piece of crap away.

XP does this.
2000 did this.
Windows 98 did this.
Windows 95 did this a lot.
Windows 3.1 did this.
Windows 3.0 did this.
Windows 386 did this.
Windows 2 did this.
Even Windows 1.02 back in 1986 did this sort of crap.

I am sorry, but this is supposed to be a modern operating system? Where you can't simply replace problem files and have things be fine? Where you can't boot directly from a known-good backup, mostly because it's impossible to actually back a Windows machine up completely? Where you can't easily mount the boot drive as a secondary and clone a known-good boot drive to it unless the hardware configuration is precisely identical?

You Mac people know where I'm going with this. Mooney, you just went through upgrading the drive in yours... you remember how easy it was to clone the old drive and move it to the new? Yeah. If this thing was an Apple, I'd have been back and flying again within an hour of when the failure occurred, thanks to the miracle that is TIme Machine. Full, bootable backups, every time, no excuses, no special weird-ass commands needed, no problem?


Windows sucks farts out of dead seagulls.

But you knew that.

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1. Keith Smillie05/22/2008 04:13:48 AM

I guess I must be doing something wrong because my installation of XP has been on my laptop for three years now and is still going strong.

It's my development machine (Notes, C, Java, Expeditor) and my games machine and my day-to-day office machine and it works just fine. It gets used heavily all day, every day, and I can't remember the last time it crashed.

2. curt_carlson@excite.com05/21/2008 04:48:57 PM

"Windows sucks farts out of dead seagulls". That is classic...just classic.

3. David Vasta05/21/2008 03:54:38 PM

You are not going to hear me say you are wrong here. Been saying this for years. Windows is a poor OS. Sadly companies like IBM have forced people like you and I to use it via Lotus tools and System i tools.

The fact that MacSOX is a modern and well thought out OS that does not crash like Windows does. One process fails and Windows needs a reboot, in UNIX (MacOSX) when something dies it's just stops running. I have never had to reload MacOSX or Linux on any of my servers I run, I can fix them in place. But seems like Windows over time just starts to get all gooey.

We need, as IT people to take a long hard look at our desktop OS and really think about what it is doing for us, and what it is not.


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