PermaLink Jeez, these people give me a pain in the ass05/28/2008 10:37 AM
Somewhere, there's a large clock, and it has some sort of recurring alarm set.  When the alarm goes off, regardless of what's going on in the marketplace, the Notes-is-dead people come out of the woodwork, banging their pots and proclaiming the death of the king.  My ass hurts.

Today's candidate: ShitPoint SharePoint.

An article in System Management News from April 1 by Michelle Savage is the most recent to bang the pots and proclaim the end. Thing is, in the article, most of the people they talk to about SP point out that it's really only suitable for small and medium-size businesses, because it appears to have been designed as a departmental-level file-sharing scheme, not unlike the horrendous Exchange Public Folders. I can't think of any really large organizations that were able to successfully manage Public Folders because of Microsoft's insane "replication" scheme and the comical administrative tools they provided. But it was marginally better than just burning stuff to CD-ROM or sticking it out on a shared network drive.

For large organizations, SharePoint seems to fall down even worse, if only because it's yet another rip-and-replace rather than any sort of meaningful progression from the older Exchange environment.

A little poking around revealed that six weeks later, the same Michelle Savage talks about Microsoft's "new" server stack, under the headline, "Microsoft's 2008 Server Stack -- What's New, and Who Cares?" (not much, and I don't - Turtle) In that article, one of the main things appears to be some crowing about the "interoperability" of all of MS' stuff:

    The interoperability principles and actions apply to high-volume Microsoft products, including Exchange Server 2007, Office 2007, Office SharePoint Server 2007, SQL Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008

Now, do you notice anything missing here?

You mean, like "any previous generation of any of these tools and platforms?"

You mean, "Microsoft expects me to rip out everything I presently use, even if it's stable, and upgrade it all, just so I can use ShitPoint?"

You mean, "same old Microsoft horseshit?"

You mean, "the rest of you can go pound salt?"

I'll point out that SQL Server 2008 is still in beta.

And a lot of shops are still using Office XP or even Office 2000. On Windows 2000 or XP. And this is the same author who pointed out the "poor integration with Outlook" of SharePoint, right? Not six weeks before?

Yeah, Notes is dead, all right. You keep on believing that. I'll keep on using that cross-platform, standards-driven, mix-and-match-your-versions, never-throw-away-old-code, it-just-keeps-working carcass.

Man, whenever I decide to quit writing code, I have a career opportunity shilling Microsoft stuff. I can hold my nose and suspend disbelief for the right price.
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1. Turtle10/24/2008 03:59:54 AM

It's OK, Michelle, nothing on you, I know you were just doing a story. I just want to make sure nobody thought the endgame would be painless.


2. Michelle Savage07/17/2008 10:27:50 PM

Ouchie! Feel like doing any hating on Microsoft Exchange Server? That's my next story so let's hear your thoughts.

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