PermaLink Problem with 8.5 beta 1 on Mac OSX... anyone else?06/02/2008 10:45 AM
I'd love to be able to talk all about how grand the 8.5 beta Notes client is on Mac OSX, but I can't.  I haven't been able to get it to run yet.  All you Apple people, have you run into this problem?

The installer runs.

The installer completes.

The installer whines about problems.

The installer completes anyway.

Here's what it spits out at the end of the install:

The requested provisioning operation(s) completed with partial success.

Partial installation and setup occurred.

Below are details about the features that failed to set up.

CWPPR0503I: The installation of feature was cancelled.

---- Current configuration problems -----

Core Expeditor Platform Feature ( requires feature " (1.0.0)", or later version.

---- Configuration problems after the operation -----

Default Personality ( requires plug-in "".

RCP Portal Application User Interface ( requires plug-in "".

Integrated Browser Application Component ( requires plug-in "".

Embedded Browser Component for Portal Managed Environment ( requires plug-in "".

Generic Application Container ( requires plug-in "".


Well, sheeeeeit, if the code didn't get installed, it's not because I canceled it... it just didn't frickin' install it, and without it, the flight will not leave the gate. You can try starting the Notes client... it puts "Lotus Notes" up in the menu bar at the top of the screen, and then exits without a splash screen or anything else. The console log contains an assload of errors, mostly related to the code above. I found one other guy who got similar results on NotesNet, but no response to it and no other reports.

Does anyone have the 8.5b1 running on Mac OSX, either 10.5.2 or the new 10.5.3? Did you have to install a different JVM? As a sanity check, I completely reinstalled 10.5.0 and then immediately updated to the 10.5.3 combo update direct from Apple, then did a reinstall of 8.5b1. Same result. The machine had had 7.02 on it, which the 8.5b1 installer removed, but none of the objections above seemed to relate to the presence of the earlier version.

Suggestions are welcome...

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2. Turtle06/04/2008 03:37:21 PM

Finally got it to start, by running the maclauncher code in the container, but it still won't start from the main I'm not the only one with that problem, though... no useful fixes from IBM yet.

3. Theo Heselmans06/03/2008 06:21:42 AM

Upgraded from 7.03 to 8.5b1, without any problems on my MBP.
There's always the classic Windows solution:
reinstall the OS from scratch

4. Turtle06/02/2008 11:04:55 PM

Posted it in exhaustive detail to the 8.5 beta forum on NN. Including a complete console log captured during the install. Completely removed every trace of every version of Notes, installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, absolutely no change in the results.

5. Andy M06/02/2008 04:54:40 PM

Running it here on 10.5.3, no problems at all. I have installed it twice on my MBP and on my iMac. I did have a problem if I left the old in place. I just pulled it to trash then installed again.

You obviously have something still lurking from the previous install, or you have something strange installed on your system. It would be good to get to the bottom of this and let IBM know what it was.

6. Ted06/02/2008 02:07:34 PM

Running it on my MacBook on 10.5.2. I did uninstall the previous beta build before installing this one. I did have a problem with the first beta and after removing the application, had to go to the receipts folder (Library / Receipts) and remove the receipts as well. You might try that and see if that helps.

7. Turtle06/02/2008 12:18:10 PM

Thing is, all that's left of the 7.02 install is the data directory, it took care of removing the earlier code on its own.

I can try removing and reinstalling the 8.5b1, see if that works, and if all else fails, blow all of it away and start over.

8. Rob McDonagh06/02/2008 12:15:20 PM

I had that issue (well, a provisioning failure, not sure which it was) on my WinXP VM, but not on my MacBook Pro (10.5.2). I DID remove the previous Notes application (not the data, just the first, because I had seen reports that you needed to do that.

9. ursus06/02/2008 11:04:47 AM


I have 8.5 Beta 1 installed on 10.5.3 on at least 3 machines (iMac, Mac Pro and Macbook) - no problems at all :o)

I did run the uninstall program first - it's in the tar file. Did you remember to do that? It's a prerequisite

Drop me a EMail if I can be of any help.


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