PermaLink How do you say "ass-kicking" in Gaelic?06/18/2008 12:31 AM
It was very satisfying to watch Game Six of the NBA Finals tonight.

Yeah, the Celtics were a dynasty back in the days, but for their first championship in 22 years, this was an excellent capper. There was really no doubt. At one point they were up by 43 points, and Nora went to sleep. I had to celebrate by tweeting far too much, probably earning myself a block from Volker.

I never saw Larry Bird play, live on the court. I saw Magic play. I saw his former Michigan State teammates play a lot, since I played in the Spartan Brass, the band that comes out for the home (and some away) Michigan State basketball games. Herb Bostic, Sam & Jay Vincent, Ben Tower, those guys.

But in a year when the Patriots lost the Super Bowl only on some amazing play by Eli Manning and the Giants, when the Red Sox won the World Series again and now lead the American League East, well, they deserve it.


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