PermaLink I've been a slug, and I'm sorry06/25/2008 11:11 AM
I haven't been writing nearly as much as usual lately, so if you've missed it, I apologize...

I've been distracted by offline things and tasks lately, so if I haven't been writing a whole lot, that's why. I keep coming up with great ideas for stuff I should write about, but by the time I make it out of work, go home, eat something, lecture the cats and wabbits, and finally pull out the MacBook Pro, pretty much all I feel like doing is checking Twitter, reading email, and sleeping.

I really wish the web-based-blogging of the BlogSphere template was functional (maybe it is and I just haven't checked in on the V3 betas in a while) because then I could post stuff from the Blackberry when I thought of it, which is constantly. In that respect, Twitter is about the longest attention span I can manage lately.

I'll try to be better about this in the future.


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1. Chris Reckling06/25/2008 08:56:09 PM

I blame twitter for lack of blog posts.

2. Peter von Stöckel06/25/2008 02:00:01 PM

I'm on Blogsphere v2 myself, and while the web interface isn't very good, at least I can post from my work PC. Time on the other hand is so severley limited that I haven't posted even a fraction of what I want, so if you're a slug, then what am I?

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