PermaLink A fix for the Notes 8 crashing at startup07/07/2008 02:56 PM
As usual, our systems people won't admit they changed anything, but we've found a workaround for the ND8 client crash I documented last week.

Around here, stuff gets... changed. In the middle of the night, gnomelike packets come sneaking down the ethernet cable and into our machines, wreaking havoc in the name of "centralized system management."

Sometime a weekend ago, some Microsoft update or another got posted to our machines here at my day job. Monday morning, our contractors started having complete crashes of the ND8 client at startup, as documented here. After an entire week of grab-assing with the systems people who send these updates out via the Software Distribution Service, and getting nowhere, and after having IBM first-line tech support interrogate us about whether we'd gotten new printer drivers and other such incredibly-relevant things, we eventually started hacking our own solutions.

We finally found one that works solidly: we set up a local client account on the machine, added it to the local administrators group, and then, in the properties for the shortcut that starts the clients, we told it to use alternative credentials (look on the Advanced button). Tell it to run under the local administrator account (it may be possible to run under any local account, but ours are administrator-equivalents), do the same for the shortcuts and menu items to start Designer and Admin directly, and it works.

We have no frickin' idea why.

In the old days, I'd have been bugged enough by this to refuse to just accept that we have a solution and move on. I'd have insisted on finding out why the thing broke and why this change fixes it.

Now, I just don't give a shit, I just want the thing to run. And it does. We'll probably tell IBM of our solution, chastise them for sending us off checking printer driver versions and our shoe size or our network admin's mother's maiden name, and close the PMR.

Why'd it break? Who the hell knows. Why did this fix it? Who the hell cares.


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1. Stuart07/08/2008 11:12:35 AM

Thanks for the tip. I am having a sudden problem with 8.0.1 failing to launch, too (standard client - basic client works fine). Based on your suggestion, I logged into Windows with a local account instead of a domain account, and the Notes client worked fine. In this particular case, I can work with a local account, but I will eventually have to go back and figure out the real problem.

2. Turtle07/08/2008 10:22:00 AM

Further update: fix still works, and we still have no conclusive word as to why stuff broke in the first place.

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