PermaLink Sure, I could be installling 8.5b2, but...08/30/2008 04:00 PM
I tend to watch hurricanes very closely, going back to the first time I could watch one start-to-finish on the Weather Channel.  That was probably Hurricane Hugo in 1989.  So, I'll probably spend the weekend watching hurricanes instead of installing 8.5b2.

The download of the critical install sets of the Beta 2 code went well the other day. I was surprised the server wasn't busier, but than again, maybe everyone else was off doing something else instead of downloading code. In any case, I had all the tarballs and EXEs and DMGs I needed and burned them to a DVD.

I'm not eager to do the install, since I just recently un-fucked my server here at home. If this post goes through, then I'll consider the problems in the BlogSphere setup to be past me, and I'll write more, but the thing died in a spectacular way and the NSF was corrupted somehow. So, I guess I'll see if this one posts and then go from there.

In the other window, I have webcams and traffic cams from New Orleans open in the browser. Outbound traffic on I-10 is heavy, and what do you bet there's some whiny jackass holding it up because someone tapped their bumper, so they block traffic waiting for cops to show up? Personally, if you have a minor accident that impedes traffic when 100,000 people are trying to escape a major potential disaster, the cops should pick your car up and shove it in a canal and tell you to quit being such a self-important crybaby.

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