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I guess I'll post my initial impressions of Google Chrome.  Try it yourself, I suppose.

As one of the first to download Google's new "Chrome" browser, I guess I should post a few comments about it.

Installation: the installer you download from their site is a stub, about 475K. All it does it goes back to try to download the rest of the 7.7 meg worth of code. Problem is, is tries to download it from, so if your corporate firewall blocks access to, you're hosed. I got around this by telnetting to my home server, and WGETting this URL:

(this is also the URL you can use to go straight to the full code if you want).

I then FTPed it back to myself, and the install went just fine.

It asks if you want to import stuff from your default browser, which is probably still open, since you just used to it download Chrome. It can't import anything with the browser open, so you'll have to close the browser and continue the install. Once continued, it installs pretty quickly and goes about its business. I'd recommend NOT setting Chrome as your default (yet). Fortunately, this isn't the checked option.


The sucker starts quickly and loads up with a default page at Google, as well as offering you the option of making (or keeping) Google as your default search engine. Naturally, since it's a search engine company, Google figures your start page will be some sort of search engine. Mine's not, but as I said, it imported the settings from Firefox, and so loading up my usual miniportal page was no problem.

It's a little annoying that when you start a new tab, it doesn't automatically load your designated home page.

Options are scant in the Options area, mostly to do with security (popups are blocked automatically) and a little about network connectivity. It doesn't fully import saved passwords and offers no option that I've found to manage them after you've stored them. I can't even find where you can discard them. Cookies can be managed OK. When you right-click, prepare to be underwhelmed by the number of options, though they do offer a page-element browser in addition to the usual View Source.


Pages do look a little different in Chrome... tables have an odd look. Rendering is extremely fast. Even my usual sluggard, the Weather Channel page, loaded fast and had no problem with their interactive map or the animated images of weather maps.

Domino Web Access

My experience was that DWA Full won't completely load... it doesn't show the inbox list. DWA Lite or Ultralite run just fine and run quite fast. Text in the messages seems to render on the small side.

Failures (so far):

DWA (see above)
Couldn't test YouTube.
Can't log in to Flickr, though it'll load pages in Flickr just fine.
StormPulse doesn't display the storm tracking information properly, though there are reports that Flash is a problem in Chrome, so this explains it.
Yahoo! loads adequately fast.
Microsoft Live Maps is remarkably fast (considerably snappier than IE).

More as it occurs to me...

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