PermaLink Announcing the GonzoWiki!09/04/2008 03:29 PM
We are just now taking the wraps off the Totally Unofficial Gonzo Lotusphere GonzoWiki!  That's right, we're finally wikifying almost fifteen years' worth of wit and wisdom about the Sphere, and encouraging you to do the work for us help out!

New for 2009, the GonzoWiki is available here:

I will be churning away over the next few weeks moving lots and lots of older-but-still-useful information and history out of the last ten years' worth of Gonzo Lotusphere pages and into the wiki, but you are all encouraged to contribute whatever useful tidbits you want. Like Wikipedia, you are free to create and edit pages semi-anonymously.

Especially welcome:

  • Session and track information from past years
  • Links to large numbers of images that aren't on Flickr and tagged
  • Links to videos that aren't on YouTube and tagged
  • Details about special guest speakers, themes, the bands that played and where the parties were
  • Lists of sponsors and exhibitors so we can wonder what became of them
  • Handouts and trinkets
  • Strange events and history

The idea is to get the Gonzo site away from me having to redo it anew every year, and essentially to have it be an ongoing and evolving resource.

Get writing, y'all!

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1. John Smart09/30/2008 11:28:34 AM

Great move. I've replaced the old gonzo link on Wikipedia's Lotusphere page.

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