PermaLink AllDocsByID, the pseudo view I never knew about09/18/2008 05:03 PM
It's a pretty poor day when I don't learn at least one new thing.  So, today's a pretty good day.

Did you know that all of your NSFs have a view name you don't know about, you didn't create, and you can't get rid of?

We were poking around in the crawl logs of our Google Appliance earlier, and found a lot of documents where Google reported the URL as containing a view called AllDocsByID. Since I didn't remember ever creating of view of that name in any database around here, but figured it was possible, I went looking for that view in the template and in the running design.

It wasn't there, either by name or by alias.

The URL format was basically,{documentUNID here}?opendocument

Weirdly, though, when we hacked off everything after the AllDocsByID, hoping to end up at the view that had sent us there, we got a "couldn't find design note" error. The design element just flat didn't exist. But... it did, and it does!

I then went out to the world trying to find other mentions of it, maybe documentation about it, since there was absolutely nothing about it in the Designer help in the 8.x clients. I found nothing useful through Google, except more than 12,000 hits of sites all around the world where Google had crawled them using that pseudo-view.

My work firewall isn't being nice to me today, so it took me a while to get to the Domino 6/7 forums at IBM, but a search there for AllDocsByID produced... zero hits.

It's as if it doesn't exist... but it does!

From its behavior, near as I can tell, AllDocsByID is an internally-reserved alias for the "zero" view (the default database view). Way long ago, it used to be possible to view the zero view in Domino databases over the web, but no more. The behavior of the zero view and AllDocsByID is similar.

So, what does anybody know about this? I'm not concerned about it, it's just something I've never encountered (or paid attention to) in all the years I've been doing Domino on the web, and I like to think nothing much can surprise me any more.

One nice thing is, after this page gets indexed, there will now be at least one page on the web that has some clues about what AllDocsByID is, even if it only raises questions and doesn't really provide answers. You're looking at it.

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1. Vince Schuurman09/19/2008 06:49:13 AM

Yup bit me before...

Try this:

Create a view with responses only, using the $Ref as sorted first column.
You would expect it to open the response if you use /view/parentunid, but nooo it opens the parent :((

2. Tim Tripcony09/18/2008 10:21:22 PM

Just tested this on my own NAB, and it allowed me to substitute anything (/hello/, /bogus/, etc.) for the view name... as long as the URL ends in a UNID, it resolves to the correct document. Oddly enough, it doesn't even care how many slashes get in the way - /names.nsf/0/1/2/3/4/{UNID} works; everything up to the .nsf tells Domino how to find the database, the UNID tells it how to find the document, and it appears to just be ignoring everything in between.

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