PermaLink Do you still play your Wii?09/22/2008 10:41 AM
Interesting question posed today over at

If you have a Nintendo Wii, do you still play it?

I know a few of you, maybe more than a few, bought a Wii. Me, I could never find an actual non-bundled-out-the-wazoo basic Wii in the same location as space-time as several hundred dollars and mii, so I haven't bought one. The only videogame console I ever bought was an original Sony Playstation, a nice old robust box that unlike almost everything else Sony has ever produced, withstands the cats wii-ing on it and continues to run. However, I haven't had it hooked up in a few years now and doubt if I could find my old game discs for it.

I'm just not much of a console gamer. Most of my stuff is either simulations or strategy games, and those tend to suck on consoles if you need to be typing things a lot. Yes, I do own an original Sony PSP, but lately I use that to watch movies, show off pictures to bored onlookers, and store music for when I'm sitting at an airport. Oh, and I still play the original Tiger Woods PGA. Bought the 2006 edition, but I could never get past that crazy-ass course in the Antarctic or that one course where you're expected to put your second shot about 200 feet up a cliff. Realistic? Barf.

So, what consoles have you gotten bored with, or not? Does your Wii still hold your interest, or is it only because you keep buying new stuff for it?

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1. Erik09/22/2008 03:53:23 PM

Yes, I still play. I haven't bought any other console, my PC is for gaming since fps really aren't the same on a console (perhaps until now). I think Wii is more of a social gaming plattform then the rest. I play Wii with my kids, with my friends and sometimes I play tennis all alone.

Just my thoughts.


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