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As I said a while ago, I've been drafted into the Lotusphere Militia, 2009 Edition.  Here we go...

I continue to find it amusing that the spell-check in the Notes 8 client doesn't recognize "Lotusphere." There. Now it does. Previously, it was offering "lotuses" as an alternative.

I can't tell you a great deal about the session I'll be involved in for Lotusphere 2009, except that it's never been done before, and it should be a load of fun. Not as much fun, say, as dropping water balloons full of Jell-O pudding on people from the balconies in the Swan, but pretty close. We haven't even figured out exactly what form it'll take, but we'll come up with something amazing.

Nora is now employed, or at least has a job offer. She can now quit complaining about not having a job, and complain about how she misses not having a job. She should be starting sometime after Lotusphere, we hope, so her attendance there should not be threatened. You, too, can marvel at how much cat and rabbit hair one couple's clothing can hold.

I've been doing some low-tech house stuff, and some higher-tech stuff that happens to be in my house. For one, we finished Suzette's big hutch in which we hope to find a bunch of mule-headed kits in a few more weeks. We can't say for sure that the breeding session with Sam "took" on Election night, but one thing is for sure: whichever male kit has the biggest ears will, of course, be Barack Obunny.

I also finally updated my AppleTV to current versions of the system software, which trashed all my old hacks, but which will allow me to run better hacks in the future. I've already tried out xbmc on it, and while it's slick and interesting, it's not particularly well-suited to AppleTV and probably ought to keep its focus on Linux. Also, whenever they get around to approving my access to the account that will let me use the alpha code for it, boxee looks like it should be interesting. A media center add-on for AppleTV that supports pretty much any codec and allows you to do things like get at your aTV over the web. We'll see how that works out.

After the big burst of code-writing in late October, there's not a lot going on at my day job. Some people came, some people went, some people are standing around waiting to find out what happens next, and everyone's curious what sort of political appointees will show up as a result of the election. We fully expect some high-ranking Bushies to clear their throats, make some lame excuses, and depart for the private sector. Just not sure which ones, or how soon.

I am starting to get annoyed with myself at not fooling for with XPages in Domino 8.5 yet. Seems like everyone else has already jumped ahead and written cool apps that use XPages, and there are several approved Lotusphere sessions dealing with these amazing gizmos, but I have lagged behind mostly because there is no Designer client for Mac OS, Maureen... Yeah, I know, I have five or six different virtual machine environments available on my perpetually-overloaded MacBook Pro, but honestly, I just want a native Mac Notes Designer client again. It'd be greatly appreciated.

With the holidays coming up, I should have more time to fool with things, and whatever interesting results I get will end up on the Gonzo Lotusphere 2009 page, which itself is lagging. Remember, there's a Lotusphere Wiki available for you to contribute your wisdumb, and several people have. Realistically, though, the time for The Totally Unofficial Gonzo Lotusphere Page is past, as things like Twitter, RSS and sites like obviate the need for any one person to put together a trove of information for attendees.

Speaking of attendees, I am getting the sense that while most of the hardcores have already registered (at least the ones who could get their company to pay for it), there are a lot of people hanging back. I am really hoping that attendance levels have not regressed to the 2001-2002 levels, where the halls echoed and you had to walk a ways to run into someone with a yellow backpack. I'd like to think we'll never go back to those days, but since the economy is arguably much worse now than in 2001-2002, we could see a significant drop in the number of people who can con their bosses into sending them. I know my day job isn't sending anyone officially... for the first time in 15 years. I'm going, of course, but Nora and I are paying for it and writing it off as a professional development and training cost unreimbursed by my job. And I'm holding it against them till the day I retire.


My personal pick for "surprise" speaker this year? Barack. I mean, hell, he won't be President till Tuesday, he's got time. I'll bring some extra beef jerky for him.

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1. ursus11/13/2008 06:12:19 PM

here here for a Mac client - now that would be great :o)

2. Bilal Jaffery11/13/2008 03:42:19 PM

Awesome post! lol

See you at Lotusphere with Jello bucket!

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