PermaLink Still no love for the 8.5 client at work02/10/2009 09:52 AM
Yes, I've continued to dork around trying to get the 8.5 client to work.  Yes, it's still broken.

This is sort of an update to my post the other day. I've now pretty much exhausted my testing options for doing an install here at my office. The only way I've been able to get the 8.5 client to work is by installing Sun VirtualBox on my perverted-by-my-organization XP Pro install, then doing an install of a pure retail XP Pro instance, and installing 8.5 on that.

It of course works perfectly. I knew it would, because I was able to do the same thing on my little MacBook nano at home last week! All the clients worked, everything ran as expected.

As a side note, you would not believe the amount of shit they install, twiddle, and restrict around here. Even if I kill off all the malware, virus, media-encryption, system-monitoring, remote-control and system-config-management crap they install, there's still the matter of a truly wacky set of profile and security settings that I can't even know, let alone change.

One thing I haven't tried yet: xcopying my known-good install from the VM down into the real machine and just running it without modification. This would tell me whether the problem is something not getting installed (or getting trashed) during install, or something that just flat-ass won't run even though it's been installed.

After that, my options are really limited.

Among other amusing things, I learned that our systems people have recently installed wireless all over their building. This, two years after I got my ass chewed by execs from that very department for bringing in one lousy WAP so I could sync my ailing Sony UX-50 PDA without having to use its unreliable USB plug. Seriously. I've been ahead of the curve for years here. Next thing you know, someone over there will decide to throw out Exchange and put us all on Notes mail.

And, of course, pigs may indeed come shooting out my ass.

Speaking of pigs, we spent a great weekend in Lebanon, Pennsylvania at a large all-breeds rabbit show. Sam, our senior buck, didn't show all that well, placing 8th out of 21 in one showing and not placing in the others. However, we did pick up a really strong 6/8 (months old) buck. I did this as a surprise to Nora, since Friday and Saturday she had been really down on the idea of getting any more wabbits. I was feeling much different, though... I do want to give this a good shot, and the does we have from the litter Sam and the late Suzette produced are very strong and attractive. Bringing new blood in, with traits that complement their mother and correct their father (Sam has a small butt), means we can improve the breed overall.

Nora was worried because we actually haven't sold any kits yet, but really, we've had more than a dozen inquiries with essentially zero advertising, just putting the website (and WabbitCam) up. We're patient, and the kits aren't really even ready to find new homes till they're 10 weeks old. They'll be 10 weeks on Valentine's Day. And no, we will not be selling any of them to someone who wants an Easter Bunny. Go adopt one of last year's bunnies, shelters have plenty of them. While you're there, also adopt one of last year's ducks. Careful, though, those things shit everywhere.

The new buck is known only as HR662, though he'll eventually have a proper name. Right now, his name is "ah, fuck!" So designated because he scratched the hell out of my hands and arms last night when we were picking him up out of his hutch to bring him in to sit with him. I look like some goth teenager with anxiety problems now. See my Flickr feed for details.

On a sad note, the kits' surrogate mother, Ma, went home to Pennsylvania with the breeder who lent her to us. We cannot possibly thank Wayne Bechdel enough for lending her, she did an amazing job and we will miss her. She was a terrific wabbit. If you're watching WabbitCam, and wondering where that big white blob you used to see has gone, well, she's home in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania breeding up another litter of Californian rabbits.

I've unpacked the Wii I won at Lotusphere (thanks, Davalen!) but have not set it up and played it. We need to embark on a decluttering of the living room, lest we go waving the Wiimote around and knock stuff over and scare the cats. We also have to replace the power strip near the television, which is perpetually short of empty sockets. Between the television, the amp, the DVD player, the AppleTV, the Airport Express, and a lamp, we're plumb out of 'lectricity now...

It should be Friday already. It is not.

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1. Tim Paque02/11/2009 02:42:56 PM

Just a tip, from another Wii player, Careful when bowling if you have a table in front of you, and careful playing tennis, if you have a light above you.

My wife 'bowled' a soft drink across the room once it was pretty funny, but very messy.

2. David Killingsworth02/10/2009 09:39:44 PM


Are you running Notes 8.5 "illegally" at your environment?

I used to work for 2 very large organizations who had things tied down, and a process for implementing applications into that environment.

In fact, they had an applications packaging lab, whose job it was to force the square peg into the round hole. Fortunately, these guys that ran the lab also were the ones who setup the security, policy, and process for installing the applications.

Make it their problem, not yours.

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