PermaLink One of our kits is off into the world now02/23/2009 11:31 AM
The first of our kits has found a new home.

I wasn't actually looking forward to this time. Last night, Kit No. 5 found a new home with a young couple from Fredericksburg, Virginia. They came up and talked with us quite a while, and got to know Five, and then they packed her up and took her home.

It's really odd to think that we may never see her again.

Yes, she's going to have a good home, and will get to grow up to be a big pod, lounging around the house watching television and eating hay. But she'll be doing it without all her brothers and sisters, and without us.

Five, in particular, is a very good wabbit. Somewhat clingy, very curious about everything, not one to lead with her teeth, and judicious about when she poops on things. These are all good traits in a wabbit. She's a good and curious wabbit and will do well out in the world.

Her siblings are already a little confused as to where she went. Yes, I can tell.

We're keeping four of these kits, so we'll go through this at least three more times this spring as others find new homes and other people understand how amusing having a giant wabbit around can be. So, I guess I'll have to get used to it, but there's still a part of me that just wants to keep them all together in one big heap, sixteen ears and twenty-four lips flapping away in the other room.

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