PermaLink Keep clapping, or she dies02/25/2009 11:31 PM
The resemblance between the Lotus world lately and the stage version of "Peter Pan" is amazing sometimes.

Have you jackasses

forgotten Rule Six


Sorry to be so blunt, but jeez, come on, crank up the periscope and take a longer view of shit, will you? It's pretty bad when I feel like I have to appoint myself Cheerleader-in-Chief. For one, I probably look like crap in short pleated skirts, and for two, my voice and lungs are shot and nobody is going to follow a cheerleader who is hacking his guts out on the sidelines. Green phlegm does not contribute to team spirit, y'all.

Whatever your current problem is with Whoever You Have A Problem With In The Lotus World, get the hell over it. We've weathered worse things than some layoffs and some worries about whether parts of our techno-landscape will live to see another solar eclipse. Try to take a longterm view, OK? I sat and listened years ago while some of you expounded on how the removal of Garnet in 2002 spelled death and grief and sorrow and murder. I sat and listened years ago about how the IBM takeover spelled death and grief and sorrow and murder.

You know what? Nobodygizzashit!

You're arguing about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Yes, these issues seem enormous in our fairly concentrated world, but in the greater scheme of things, the earth will not open up and belch fire and swallow us all whole. Lotuscript will still be there. A lot of highly talented people will still be there. A set of remarkable technologies will still be there. On the negative side, yes, the dimwits and naysayers will still be there, too, but if you aren't used to them by now, you probably ought to find another industry, like oat farming.

What you have to understand is that our niche in the industry is heavily self-supporting and self-promoting. We're all used to that. We know we have to be our own best promotional engines for the things we do, the things we support and the directions we know to be right. We are alll our own cheerleaders, and once a year or so, we manage to organize the enormous chorus line that is Lotusphere, and we all get our baton twirling routines synchronized, nobody trips over each other, and it looks great.

There is no reason this cannot continue all year long. But it requires a little conscious effort and forbearance on everyone's part.

To some extent, yes, we have to all believe. It's like the scene in the stage version of Peter Pan. If we don't all clap for Tinkerbelle, the whole shit collapses and we all end up writing PHP code someplace. We have to smile and grit our teeth a little. We have to tolerate the people we don't always agree with. We have to go along with things we don't always like. We have to practice selective deafness with those with whom we sometimes disagree. And we must not feed the trolls.

Do this, and we'll all be fine. Stop clapping, and the sprite gets it. Got it?

Now, carry on. Make nice, already.

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2. Michael Sobczak03/20/2009 04:23:10 PM

Of course, the nattering nabobs of negativism did accomplish some good. QuickPlace went back to being called QuickPlace, Sametime went back to being called Sametime, and Lotus Workplace was sent to the attic!

3. Curt Stone03/04/2009 10:33:50 AM

Yea!!!! Your beautiful to me !!!! Keep being our cheerleader.
I'm so sick of this "Sky is falling" attitude. I could just barf. Turn off CNN and get to work people.

4. Rob McDonagh02/26/2009 09:33:23 PM

But TURTLE! You used profanity! I thought that was banned from the YellowSphere!


Oh, and: CLAP, CLAP, CLAP!

5. Turtle02/26/2009 09:31:34 PM

What's fascinating about today's post is that the majority of hits did NOT come from PlanetLotus, meaning someone's been passing this link around. Thanks, whoever done did that.


6. Chris Reckling02/26/2009 09:46:30 AM

but, but....the sky is falling!! the sky is falling!! the sky is falling!! Save me turtle!
(An A Student)

7. Julian Woodward02/26/2009 06:55:38 AM

"Have you jackasses forgotten Rule Six already?"
Hmm. There are people both outside and inside IBM who could do with regular reminders. And yes, I'm probably one of them.

8. Thomas Schulte02/26/2009 01:02:20 AM




9. Brent Peters02/26/2009 12:28:36 AM


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