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Hoo-eeeeeee! It's been quite a long time since I've written. So, here I am, taking a break from Twitter for a while. It's been ages! Let me start by saying that IamLUG was outrageous, the summer has finished off well and the fall appears to be very promising, even if there were some very difficult times in the middle there. We lost Cinderella. A big, elegant, friendly white doe, she was too sensitive to heat during a one-day heat wave we had, and she died two days later. We've spent the rest of the summer trying to get London interested in other things, but ultimately, we've given up and decided he had to get another white doe. We also lost Leo, before we even got to know him. Someone dumped him, sick and weak, in the road near our house, and despite everything we could do to try to heal him, he died a few days later. A big, formal orange long-haired cat, he was old and yet he could have lived on if only someone had taken better care of him. And still, we acquired Dolly, an enormous sandy doe from Michigan via Pennsylvania, and most recently Max, a paramour of hers. And London, of course, and most recently, the ineffable Mr. Fred. And somewhere in there, Katie, the barn cat, adopted us and assigned herself the task of keeping an eye on the wabbits for us, a job she's very good at. The wabbit world has been good this summer. The kits have grown up strong and interesting. The barn has a set of hutches. We have a set of travel carriers that exactly fit the TDI. We have matching sweatshirts with our rabbitry logo. And... we have some wins! This last weekend, we went to two double shows in two days, and frankly, triumphed. SAMANTHA, of all wabbits, won both Flemish shows on Saturday the 5th in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Little Sammy, Best of Breed in two straight shows. Guenther was Best Opposite in one of those shows. Sunday, Dolly The Massive was our winner, taking Best of Breed out of more than one hundred Flemish at a show in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania. But just to keep us humble, we came up completely empty at the Flemish specialty show on Sunday Afternoon. Still, three out of four shows, plus many first-place ribbons, some seconds and thirds. It was a blast of success that made us all wired up on the drive home and all the next day. Somewhere in all that, I met Mr. Fred. He was a rabbit up for raffle at the Sunday show, and he seemed so... lonely! I spent probably half my raffle tickets to make sure I won him, and we brought him home. Mr. Fred is not a Flemish, he's a Holland lop. A two year old buck with a very pleasant personality. I figured that since Nora had "her" wabbits and we have "our" wabbits, but Mr. Fred is my wabbit. He seems puzzled by the change of venue, but he's adjusting well. He likes plain Cheerios, but they have to be genuine Cheerios. He's quite particular. So, finally we have affirmation of what we're doing with the wabbits. We bred Sam and Suzette, we raised the kits, picked the ones we thought most promising, and they've really fulfilled that promise. The second generation is coming this winter. I guess I have hutches to build. I'll be back in a while. In the meantime, you can always find me on Twitter.
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