PermaLink No, it's not a sexual euphemism. Really.03/07/2010 12:15 AM
I've finally figured out how to cleave the raw diamond.

I am, to my great distress, indebted to Bob Costas. NBC lost somewhere around $250 million on the 2010 Winter Olympics from Vancouver (which I assume were not driven by IBM technology as in the past), but out of the Closing Ceremony came an inspiration for a fracture in my approach to blogging.

Giant Inflatable Beavers.


Bob's offhand comment about "the always-enjoyable giant inflatable beaver" led me straight to my MacBook Pro. A quick search revealed that "" wasn't yet registered. I fixed that problem immediately.

Now, why in the hell did I do this? After all, my poor old Domino 8.5 server is already overloaded serving the legendary Weightless Dog, the site for our South Mountain Rabbitry, the infamous Beer Looter Dude site, and sites about everything from Honda trail cycles to an archive of the later revival of the venerable LNotes-L mailing list.

Why load on some more crap at a time when the server already wheezes and cackles in the middle of the night when cat-hair clogs up the fan?

Well, because.

Here's how it's going to work:

For Lotus- and IBM-related stuff, just stay tuned right here on The Shell Game at This is where you and I can talk about the insider stuff that we all love, but which (you have to admit) confuses the crap out of normal people who think "Lotus" is a snooty, expensive car and "Domino" will bring them shitty pizza in thirty minutes or less.

For my actual day-to-day life, well, you should be following me on Twitter. If you're not on Twitter, I'll wait here patiently while you go set up an account, OK? Just come back pretty soon, because I have to pee.

But for my shotgun approach to media in the bigger, non-IBM, non-Lotus, non-wabbit world, well, bookmark Our motto over there is, "we make fun of media, so you don't have to!" Expect me to be my usual industrial-grade obnoxious self as I demolish ads, television, music, politics, marketing and pretty much anything else that catches my hyperactive gaze.

However, there's a role for you in all this: don't let me neglect this base here on my site. If I get to where I seem to be spending too much time making fun of Bieber, "Dancing With The Stars," strange ads and Lady Gaga*, tell me to get my ass back here and write about the Yellowverse. Seriously. I mean, this is where the real people are. This is where I prefer to be. But I also have an ego, and one well-placed dig at Joe Lieberman or Tiger Woods* will get me a bazillion more hits than even the wittiest thing I could ever say about @Abstract().

So, let's see what happens.

* yes, these are shameless attempts to get an assload of hits from normal people. You'd do it, too.

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