PermaLink Weird JVM errors on the console after upgrading to 8.5.104/30/2010 12:03 PM
Seem to cause no harm, but have you seen these?

Dear Lazyweb:

You know that usually I'm on the "answering" rather than the "asking" side of these sort of situations, but I am quite puzzled by the angry-looking errors my Domino console has been kicking out since upgrading to 8.5.1FP2, and figured I would draw upon your wisdom and see if anyone else has information on this. Google is unusually mum about it these days.

Basically, Lazyweb, I get the following error kicked out every thirty seconds, like clockwork:

04/30/2010 12:03:12PM HTTP JVM: SEVERE: CLFAAD####E: Command: {0}
04/30/2010 12:03:42PM HTTP JVM: SEVERE: CLFAAD####E: Command: {0}
04/30/2010 12:04:12PM HTTP JVM: SEVERE: CLFAAD####E: Command: {0}

Doesn't seem to have any relationship to anything except that thirty-second timer. Doesn't matter what app is being used or what processes are running, and never reports anything else strange related to the JVM. And this happened from the first minutes the server came up after being upgraded from 8.5.0 to 8.5.1FP2. The server's running Win2003 Server SP2.

Any guesses? Thanks, Lazyweb!



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1. Turtle05/01/2010 08:26:21 PM

Actually no XPages stuff running at all on this server. Also occurs when there's essentially no traffic on the box as shown in the logs. Reinstall might be the way to go. Thanks.

2. Simon O'Doherty04/30/2010 07:08:39 PM

I've seen the issue a couple of times before. In those instances it related to a bad install. Either jvm folder contents were not correct or the xsp folder. Removing (backing up) and rerunning the installer to repair may resolve it.

You can try using the following debug to get more information.

3. Tim Tripcony04/30/2010 01:04:55 PM

CLFAAD errors usually indicate an uncaught exception in an XPage, though it's bizarre that it'd be happening every 30 seconds. Do you have an app with a setInterval triggering partial refreshes or other Ajax requests every 30?

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