PermaLink LinkedIn needs to step up their game04/11/2011 03:38 AM
If I wanted to see MySpace, I'd go to MySpace.

Remember what the original idea of LinkedIn was? You know, professionals making connections to other professionals?

Check it out:

Let me dissect this one:

Current: "domestic housewife" -- I lost my job when my underfunded employer went out of business. Jeez, as a good Murkin, I don't approve of none of them foregin housewives, neither!


  1. Treasurer/Secretary. I was neither. My ex-husband's brother had this business, and the initials of the business correspond to the initials on his birth certificate. They're out of business now. In fact, they're so far out of business that their phone was cut off and their domain name is now for sale and Billy-Bob is now on the run somewhere in Oklahoma. After the sheriff come and got my ex, I went back to Florida and moved in with my mom before she kicked me and mah keeedz out the door. I'm trying to make my current gig (cleaning strained carrots off the walls of my double-wide in Ocala) sound like a job.
2. "Cashier and fuel attendant" -- I posted ComCheks for truck drivers and came home at 2am smelling like diesel, so my husband left for that floozy who worked in the diner after his brother convinced him to go into business with him.
3. "Kennel manager" -- this is where I learned how to shovel fecal matter. See "domestic housewife" above.

People, come on. If you breathe through your mouth and spend more than five hours a week watching QVC or Snookie or both, you don't belong on LinkedIn. You should be on FaceBook. No, wait, you should be on MySpace. They need you.

Think I'm cold? Eat my ass. I yam what I yam, I don't put on no airs.

And LinkedIn needs to filter this crap out.
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1. Taz05/11/2011 08:05:34 AM

Doesn't really matter which end of the leash she was on, does it?

She lost me at "self-employed caregiver". Damn, woman, if you're out of a job, just say so or leave it blank. As for your qualifications: cleaning up kiddie puke our your hubby's shit never qualified for a decent paying, professional job.

It'd be funny, if it weren't so sad that some people can't figure out where they don't belong on the Internet.

2. Jake Wand05/06/2011 02:18:09 AM


3. Bill04/11/2011 03:29:20 PM

I'm worried about the AKC under education? Which end of the leash was she on?

4. Tim Paque04/11/2011 02:50:44 PM

At least you recommendations can help filter out a lot of the riff raff. Unless of course the dog's who's doo doo got shoveled actually recommended her work

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