PermaLink XML ate my homework07/10/2011 02:17 AM

Inadvertently, my June 11th post caused the XML/RSS parser at Planet Lotus to lose its mind. Once I figured out what was going on, and fixed it, I had long since scrolled off. So, in case you missed it (which you did), here's my June 15th post, "I Am A Social Media Ho-Bag:"


That's all.


No, I'm serious.

I'm not even gonna claim a mse bit my sister.

At least not this time.

We won't talk about that last time.



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Blabber :v

1. The Turtle08/04/2011 05:42:48 AM

Well, yeah...

2. Pot Pie08/01/2011 10:02:05 AM

Not related but have heard of his exploits.

Nahh just a guy who worked with Notes v2.1 and up until around 2003 or so, attended 5 L'Spheres and miss those days. Really enjoy reading your posts.


3. The Turtle07/24/2011 03:00:08 AM

Well, YEAH!

How long did it take you to figure this out?


PS: Are you related to Pol Pot? He tasted like shit. The peas were like little ball bearings "and the chicken taste like wood."

4. Pot Pie07/11/2011 01:46:10 PM

You are a nut!

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