PermaLink Where's MY Emmy Award???09/19/2011 03:27 AM
See also, "Long Eared Soap Opera," September 6, 2011

Tonight was a night of Observation And Experimentation!

I actually put Katie (my resident barn cat) in with the sisters, the two youngest does from Ohio! I put her up in their hutch, with her food dish, safe from possums and other interlopers, and told her, verbally:

"Katie, this is the next generation. Your job is to look after them."

She nuzzled both of them; they both sniffed her ass. I will let Katie out in the morning.

I gave Liz an unprecedented blizzard of hay. She burrowed through it exactly the way Guenther used to bury himself in hay in his carrier going to shows.

I offered Georgette a craisin from the same Ramada Hotel bag she rejected in Cortland, New York last weekend. She ate it. And the next one. And the next. And the ten after that.

Nutsy and Grace are like Maria and Tony in
West Side Story. They are like the late Guenther and Bess, except moosier and younger and Nutsy already has his Grand (Grand Champion status) and he knows it because I told him.

William wants to get at Bess, who lives in the hutch next to him, and my telling him that she's the mother who abandoned him, and that Wendy and we really raised him doesn't seem to faze him.

I run a fucking wabbit reality channel.

Where's my fucking Emmy?

Oh, wait... I have to reset Wabbitcam.


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1. Steve09/19/2011 04:15:49 PM

So, is the wabbitcam available for public viewing? I'd love to see it...

2. Richard Schwartz09/19/2011 02:19:56 PM

Or Firefox

3. Craig Wiseman09/19/2011 01:49:45 PM

Interesting Wabbity wife you wive.

What browser is this supposed to be readable in?
'Cuz it doesn't look pretty in IE 8 or Chrome.

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