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Tonight, within hours of the news of the loss of Steve Jobs, news that we all knew could happen any time, but none of us could quite believe to be real -- Apple set up an email address to which remembrances of Steve might be sent.

This was mine:

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From: "The Turtle"
Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2011 00:47:11
Subject: Steve

I am an ancient vet of the early years of the microcomputer industry (that's what we called it in the 1970s) and I remember this upstart out on the west coast with those sleek Apple IIs, challenging North Star, Tandy and IMSAi, and winning.

I later had the great privilege of working with Xerox in the 1980s, and even though they had the amazing 8010 Star workstation, we used little Macs and Lisas in-house.

Later still, I worked with the old AT&T, supporting their PC clones, and seeing Windows 1.0x for the first time, and thinking, "MacOS was for real!" I remember Digital Research (via the late Dr. Gary Kildall) and their GEM 1.0, that was such a perfect homage to the Mac that Apple sued them and won, and thinking, "yeah, Apple is in the right place."

And I sent Steve a typed letter -- typed on an actual IBM Selectric -- begging to work for NeXT, even for free, because I knew they would do something cool, which they did.

All these years later, the word came through countless iPhones and Macs of the loss of Steve, too early. I think the only analogy I can make would be the telegraph lines that carried news of the passing of Samuel F.B. Morse, or film newsreels of the loss of Thomas Edison.

Steve, your vision made so much of the industry possible, the industry upon which so many of us have made our lives and our interactions with the bigger world.

Sail on, sailor.

I so, so much wish that I could have set this post in "Chicago" from the old MacOS font set.

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