PermaLink A Lotusphere Diary, 2012 - Day 101/16/2012 05:24 AM
Did I ever tell you about the time...

Yeah, OK. Yes, I used to number Sunday as Day Zero.

That was then.

Adapt. As a good friend has declared, "Friday is the new Saturday at Lotusphere."


Oh and, Ytria, highlighter colors are completely over. Sure, if a Russian satellite crash-lands on the Dolphin, your bodies will be the first to be recovered and laughed at, but the rest of us left 2008 behind at least two years ago.

That said,

This year, the hottest place to be appears to be the Dolphin Lobby Bar. Yeah, WTF??? That seems to be how it is. Lowly, brushed-chrome Dolphin Lobby Bar appears to be DA SHIZZ.

I suspect it's got the magic convergence of three things:

Great Technology
Social Media
Forward-Thinking Design

HDTVs showing the playoffs
Amazingly hot IBM women


The beach party tonight was quite different than in recent years. I got to talk to all the usual suspects, but at the same time, I met lots of new people and some new faces I'd only known through online-ism.

Well, that, and they let the Lotusphere Online crew out of their cave to have a beer and be sociable. Reed and them truly appreciate that. After this, they have to go back into the hallways behind Europe 6 and get on those stationary bikes to generate electricity to power the shitty Swan and Dolphin bandwidth, the toasters for breakfast tomorrow, and those super-efficient rack servers that run LSO.

I told Reed, in five years, Lotusphere will all be run off of someone's iPhone7. We can then enjoy the whole conference going offline when whoever has that iPhone7 in their back pocket farts after Fake Italian Day in the Dolphin dining hall.

Yeah, call me a pessimist, but I remember the days at Lotusphere when no one had one of them dang "cellular telephones."

Get off my lawn, dadgumit.

I sang decently at Kimonos.

They haven't updated the songbook in years.

Goodnight, everybody. We'll talk tomorrow.



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1. Pete McPhedran01/16/2012 01:15:26 PM

Hey Tutle,

Keep it coming, I am living vicariously through you for this year's LS.


2. Curt Stone01/16/2012 06:20:38 AM

Maybe you should consult with their marketing group. Seems you've discovered the key to being social.

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