PermaLink And then, pulling it out of the fire...09/24/2012 01:24 AM
These giant wabbits...

If you've read my writings for these last almost-sixteen years (and yeah, I've been writing online longer than the word "blog" has existed), you'd think I'm just a grumpy old IT fuck who wants to kick ass and throw away the names I took.

Not so.

The last 21 days, I have seen history, and you didn't know about it. Moreover, you might not have known it even if you'd been there, and you weren't.

My giant wabbits kicked bigtime ass.

Wabbits I bred, from parents I bred. From a tiny little rabbitry in rural Maryland. I've been to three big shows in four weeks.

We came, we saw, we kicked off in that ass.

For background: six years ago, I didn't know anything about wabbits. Five years ago, I had a good little Flemish Giant buck, and lost him. Four years ago, I owned the #1 Flemish in the country for a while. Three years ago, I had bred the #1 Flemish in the entire country, period, end of story.

Two years ago, I had to start over.

I now have a doe who could potentially win Best Of Show. She has been in five shows in three weeks, and she has won big in all of them, and she's not yet six months old. She is already a Grand Champion. Her parents are both Grand Champions. Her maternal grandparents were Grand Champions. In four weeks, she and I (and possibly her brother) will go to ARBA National Convention in Wichita. One show. One shot, against the best in the nation.

Helen could well win her breed.

She's not just the best wabbit I've ever bred, she might be the best I have ever seen.

This is how I spend my days now. I just want to make sure she has everything she needs, and make sure she has the best competition she can face.


How did I get here?

Yeah, OK, you're thinking, "wait, we remember when Turtle was focused on IT and social software and agahgshasakjdkashskbajbdksandankdjalskdnsadablabalabblabalablaaaaaaaaGGGGGGH!"

I have a good barn. I have eighteen gigantic wabbits and a barn cat therein. Five of the giant wabbits therein are ARBA Grand Champions. Five past wabbits were Grands. Kits from my barn are all over the East, winning. I actually have more trophies in my barn than I have giant wabbits. I'm running out of space.

She was four ounces in this picture on April 1. Right now, she's the best Flemish Giant in the country and weighs thirteen pounds. I saved her life when she was four weeks old. I saved her mother's life when her mother was born.

What's your percentage? Mine in IT was never so good.

Money doesn't mean as much as this.

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2. Bill10/09/2012 09:23:43 AM

Computers have a long way to go before they get this cute and cuddly.

Congrats on the accomplishments.

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