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Social issues
But a lot of people I care about do. This isn't a tech post.

I don't run.

I used to tell people, jokingly, "I'll run if someone is chasing me with a knife or a gun."

I'm not gonna say that any more.

A lot of my friends run. Or bike. Or swim. My partner these days runs, and swims, and bikes. My ex-wife was a world-class marathoner and actually ran the Boston (and New York, and Marine Corps, and who knows what other) Marathon(s). Even my first wife did charity multi-day walks to raise funds to help others.

I am also old enough to remember the 1972 Munich Olympics. And the Atlanta Games.

It's offensive to me that anyone would choose to use these or any other sporting events -- where one person pits themselves not against an ideology, but a simple distance -- as a platform for vague political statements or symbolism at the expense of killing or injuring scores of others. It doesn't seem right that...

Ah, fuck this. I'm getting old, I'm tired, and I am fucking tired of trying to be elegant in my speech.

Assholes, please grow the fuck up and get over your need to be "heard." The best thing you can find out, once you get "heard" in a global sense, is, no one gives a fucking shit. And if you have harmed other humans to try to make your pathetic "statement," you find that those humans aren't actually listening. They're in too much pain.

They are, or their survivors certainly are.

See also, "no one gives a fucking shit."

You wanna make a "statement?" Get a fucking Kickstarter and put a fucking ad in the fucking New York Times.

Just quit blowing shit up. Quit shooting people. Quit killing ornery humans (which is pretty much all humans). You might get ten minutes, or an hour, or a day, or two days' worth of attention from a world that does not give a flying fuck about you otherwise.

After that, you're just gonna be another asshole locked up for the rest of your life, or another piece of future worm food.

Fuck yourself.

Oh, and those of you wanting to "make a statement" by killing a bunch of humans who don't give a flying green fuck about you, and then killing yourself afterward? Skip to the end. Leave everyone else out of your stupid-ass little movie.

Just try not to make too big a mess.

And fuck you very much.



PS: fuck off

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1. Jason Hook04/22/2013 05:37:10 AM

My name is Jason. I'm an ordinary human being and I endorse this message. I may have said it differently but essentially the message is bang on.

Everything we are is temporary. Fame, infamy, hate, pain. Love endures though. When I go the love I have shared with my kids will remain as will the memories of the good times.

These two and others like them will be forgotten.

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