PermaLink I'll post just one more here, then move on03/01/2015 11:35 PM
Yes, I know that a year ago, I said I wouldn't be posting here any longer. Well...

I'd like to encourage people to move to the new site, Giant Inflatable Beavers. You'll have to forgive me for the moment, as I'm working out resolving DNS for that site, http://www/, after finally shit-canning Network Solutions as my registrar and moving to a company not primarily motivated by donkey romance. So bear with me if you get some 500 or 404 errors. Nobody pays me to do this stuff anymore, and really, I'd rather spend my time with the wabbits.

After May 1, 2015, if you're reading this site, you should probably go bury your computer in the yard. After nine years on this particular version of my 18-year "blogging" adventure, I've moved on.

Follow along if you wish.

And thanks, Yancey! I'll update my PL links if I can ever remember my login.

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