PermaLink Possibly the worst week of my life, and it may have saved my life01/31/2012 01:14:39 AM
Horror can sometimes remind you of why you're here and what your real job is


1. Bill02/03/2012 08:58:21 AM

If there is an afterlife, you will be blessed with the affection of every wabbit you've cared for because you've cared so much about them.

I hope to see my pets again in any potential here-after.

Some religions believe in an afterlife but pets aren't allowed in heaven. SCREW THEM! Every pet is more deserving than almost any human.

2. Keith Brooks01/31/2012 10:12:07 PM

Sorry been head down since the Sphere mostly. Very sorry to hear about them. You'll get them back, one by one and all will be good again. We all have peaks and valleys.

3. Dan Soares01/31/2012 08:39:27 PM

Sorry to hear about the loss of your kits. Stay strong!

4. Ray Bilyk01/31/2012 02:21:45 PM

My wife has been following you on Twitter (as she should), and she's taking your loss hard... We both want to send you our condolences. We are so sorry for your loss. Tomorrow will come, and breeding will occur again. You've been placing all of you in this event. You're drained. Make sure you take the time to recharge.

Brother, if you need anything, let us know... You know how to get a hold of me!

5. Karl-Henry martinsson01/31/2012 10:29:08 AM

I am sorry, I know how much you care for those wabbit. It is hard to lose an animal that you cared for... I had to put down two cats in the past, due to illness. It is not easy.

6. David Hablewitz01/31/2012 03:05:56 AM

The joy and sorrow of being a caring pet owner. My condolences.

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