PermaLink Maybe we should talk about the wabbits again...07/09/2012 01:52:54 AM
You get old, you find your real focus. Read this.


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6. Jason Hook07/09/2012 05:30:17 AM

My name is Jason and today I used the phrase "reach out".... Sorry. I feel dirty now.

I've been in this game for an age now. I've always wondered what I'll do when I eventually grow up

The key I'm told is to find something you love doing and do that. Currently I'm dreaming about owning a shop that makes and sells brilliant beverages, has a running/bike shop at the back, has a stage for comedy and music in the evenings and some very comfortable armchairs. For now though IT is my means to an end (just wished I'd saved more).

At 4x I feel like I'm waking up, and getting a sense of who I am. This blog post was a joy to read. I'd use the word "resonate" if it hadn't already been hijacked by the corporate bullshit bingotrons.

I'm very glad to hear about your passion for Wabbits(Tm) Mrs Hook and I would refer to ours as boo-noos.

Keep writing stuff.

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