PermaLink Donkey romance09/20/2012 05:50:53 AM
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A tale of 4:30am on highways near every major US metro area


1. Turtle09/24/2012 02:03:24 AM

Pretty much, yeah, Nate.

I will say this, they seem to be really, really aware of two things: their crotch, when they spill cheap 7-Eleven coffee on it at the 270/495 merge north of DC, and "they rights" and how "libruls" are trying to take them away.

Beyond that, well, your guess is at least as good as mine.

I do love owning a good solid station wagon and having (a) great insurance and (b) a great attorney on speed-dial when these dickheads eventually rear-end me.

2. Nathan T. Freeman09/23/2012 01:06:20 AM

Is it your intent to portray these individuals as careless and foolish individuals with no awareness of the world around them?

3. chuck dean09/20/2012 12:07:55 PM

Go ahead, don't hold back... tell us how you really feel

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