PermaLink Domino can still surprise me04/25/2013 12:10:23 AM
Category : Domino
Yeah, I know that XPages is where it's at, but it still surprises me that...


1. Turtle07/23/2013 01:47:33 AM

Can I use that phrase, "bozo explosion" on my resume?

2. Giulio Campobassi04/25/2013 06:34:37 AM

Awesome post. There's a rant in this reply, but there is a point at the end. So, skip to last line, or read just read on.

I worked on a contract a couple of years ago at an Australian Fed Gov department. They brought in Accenture, (aka Acupuncture because they're alot of pricks claiming to solve your problems), to replace a whole bunch of mainframe systems. The tax payer spent about $120million on text book project failure and incompetence. To be fair the management teams in the department were not too bright either. (Think of a bozo explosion and tick-box managers). Accenture had armies of wet-nosed, cheap suits and people with a preference for spicy foods, running around using Oracle suites of this or that and had to run it all on Oracle Enterprise Service Bus. Yep. Web services, or depending how you look at it, the "Accenture job creation scheme".

In the end, they only accomplished barely 50% of the expected deliverable. Suffice to say things are on hold. During that time, the senior IT management (arrogantly) thought they could replace the Domino systems built and perfected over 12 years by dozens of competent Notes developers. These systems sliced and diced everything and are some of the most complex systems in the country. This includes their integration with mainframe systems. The Oracle technology had all sorts of integration problems due because the mainframe systems were quite old, (20 years). Ironically they had to look at getting Notes to be the "go-between" technology to get stuff on the service bus. The place became a "common-sense free zone". That's when I left.

Despite a small cackle of CIO's who trotted through the place using this department to preen their resumes, they had absolutely no clue how much Domino just glued the place together. One of the CIO's was an ex-IBM'er BTW. I was dismayed at that person's ignorance of Notes and the lack of technical evangelising and vision they possessed. Even Accenture, eager to screw the tax payer for every cent, baulked at replacing just a handful of Notes systems that had heavy MS-Word integration and workflow, because the Oracle suite they were spinning had no capability for document production for reasonable price.

So, here are systems that are over 10 years old, dealing with thousands of public and inter-government customers still chugging away doing its job.

The lesson being that Notes will do its job so well, that you don't know how good it is until you try and turn it off.

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